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The reputation of a Real Estate Agent is CRITICAL to their success in the marketplace. As Real Estate Agents we are dealing with what is for most people, their most valuable asset. Are they likely to trust this asset to a person they do not see as being trustworthy and ethical? A good reputation is hard to build, but easy to destroy. In extreme cases, bad publicity can destroy a Business almost overnight. It is a sad fact that bad publicity can often be caused by untruths. There are thousand of definitions of what is ethics – here is just one of them: “Principles of right or good conduct, or a body of such principles, that affect good and bad Business practices” The key to this definition are the words “right or good conduct” – you see, unethical does not mean unlawful. Something can be within the law, but that does not necessarily make it morally right.

We currently have 6 different units available to choose from.  Each unit is worth a total of 12 CPD points.

Each unit is at a learning Category 3 which features structured learning with an assessed outcome.

It is mandatory for all real estate agents in New South Wales  to complete 12 Continuing Professional Development points each year.  Because the real estate industry is always changing, at REAA we are continuously updating and adding new material to our CPD course selection.  We ensure our curriculum covers the latest legislation, technology, resources and trends, so our students will always be ahead of the game.

All learning materials can be easily accessed and completed from any device at any time.  This flexibility makes it easy for you to fit your professional development around your work and life as you please.

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