How To Reward Yourself As An Agent

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All Real Estate Agents are familiar with sale targets. Real estate is a numbers game and it doesn’t matter if your targets were set by yourself or your leader, reaching them (or smashing them out of the ball park) every month or quarter is a non-negotiable.

Real Estate Agents are usually firm believers in rewarding themselves when they hit their targets. Whether you have sold your first property, achieved a street price record, or simply sold more properties in a quarter than ever before – you deserve to be rewarded!

Here are 3 ways successful Real Estate Agents have rewarded themselves for hitting their sale targets.

Melissa Hickson, of Prime Residential Property Management in Melbourne’s Point Cook treated herself to a massage the day she won a big listing.

“I like to spend some time to get away from everything, I guess because it’s so hectic,” she says.

Mark McGill, of Amber Werchon Property on the Sunshine Coast, has a similar approach.

Three months out of every year Mark will go on vacation and these holidays are booked in advance and are non-negotiable.

“The good thing about that is I can work up to those breaks, know when they are, can plan my time and time off around them,” he says.

Nelson Dueza’s, Collier’s International Director chooses to take his wife out for a nice lunch or dinner every time he finalises a big sale.

Mr Dueza said he likes to focus on doing something immediate, however he does keep his eye on a bigger prize.

“I do have a goal to purchase a really fine Rolex watch that I really like, but that is in a year or so” he says.

What targets have you set and how will you reward yourself?

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