How To Prepare For A Fast But Effective Selling Campaign

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As an agent, you will come into contact with sellers who need to sell NOW. Whether they have come into financial difficulty or a family break up, some sellers need their property on the market the moment the listing agreement is signed.

So, how do you ensure you effectively market and sell the property while meeting your seller’s tight timeframe?

Write a list
It’s easy to get overwhelmed, so write down your tasks and prioritise them. From here, you can physically do the work and tick the items on the list off one by one. Your list might include property photography, open for inspection schedule, reviewing your selling campaign etc.

Preparing for the best result
Ensure the property is appealing to all buyers to ensure you get more people interested and willing to put an offer on the property. Whether it be a neutral coat of paint, clearing the gutters, or styling the property for sale – ensure the property has the potential to attract a wide audience.

You want the sale of the property to be quick, but effective. Outsourcing tasks that professionals can complete will ensure things are done quickly and properly. Whether it be cleaning, plumbing or babysitting the children to ensure the parents can work on tidying up the property – outsourcing will ensure your short selling timeframe is met.

Be prepared
When the buyers walk through the door of the property, be prepared to answer any questions they may have. Educate yourself on the local area – what are the perks of living in the neighbourhood, why should they buy this property and not the one down the street? Talk to the neighbours and be ready to win the buyers over.