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is the country’s leading real estate educational institution. We strive to equip our students with the relevant and practical knowledge they need to achieve success in the industry. REAA is a specialised training centre for the real estate industry. We will provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant Real Estate training, delivered by current industry professionals. REAA trained students are regarded as the most highly sought in the country. Join Australia’s real estate elite with an education from the REAA.

Our students are regarded as the most highly sought in the country. Join Australia’s real estate elite with an education from the REAA.

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Janine Redwood

REAA Graduate
Great course delivered by a well informed , very experienced, knowledgeable and passionate trainer in Denise Stanley. I feel well equipped for real estate sales as a result of attending this course. Thank you.

Lucia Grimmer

REAA Graduate
Just finished the REAA Real Estate Upgrade to Full Licence Course. Denise Stanley has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She is very prompt in responding if you have issues or queries. Thanks to Denise and the REAA team.

Katrina Jackson

REAA Graduate
I had a wonderful 5 days with the amazing Denise Stanley who taught me everything there is to know about real estate and would highly suggest anyone to go and have Denise Stanley as your trainer 🙂 xx

Tracey Bavinton

REAA Graduate
I have just complete the week course for the Full Real Estate Licence. The course is well structured and easy to follow. Our trainer Denise Stanley is a true industry professional and a guru of trainers. Outstanding presentation. I would highly recommend doing a course over trying to wade through an online or tafe course. The course ensures you will succeed. Thank you to all the REAA staff.

Mikey Mitchell

REAA Graduate
Had an absolute blast in this academy, the staff and trainers are very excellent and very professional, I didnt expect to get such great information and practical tips out of this course, denise had great first hand information and experience and I would 100% recommend to any one wanting to do something like this!!!! thanks again.

Chris Wright

REAA Graduate
Recently I attended this training to further enhance my knowledge of Australian Real Estate as I am thinking of moving to Queensland. I am currently living in NZ. Our trainer for the week was Denise Stanley who led us for 5 days through 2 courses with great enthusiasm and passion.

Sean Kozlov

REAA Graduate
The staff at Real Estate Academy Australia (REAA) are professional. They are great at preparing students for the state exams through a learning program. I highly recommend Real Estate Academy Australia to anyone who is serious about a career in real estate.


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