3 Similarities In Great Selling Campaigns

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When it comes to selling, a real estate agent should clearly and precisely explain all property campaign options available to the vendor.

As the real estate agent, you should work collaborative with the vendors to understand what is best for the property and what fits into the current property market.

The average length of a selling campaign is approximately 30 – 90 days, however the highest level of buyer interest is always seen in the first 14 days. This is when buyers are keen to get in and look at the property, using their emotions to make a decision – exactly what you and the vendors want.

In saying that, ensure the campaign you choose is right from day 1. Here’s three components that all great campaigns have in common:

Marketing – an absolute vital part of the selling process. Think professional photography, a comprehensive online media strategy, print and social media and sometimes even property staging.

Property Presentation – when buyers make an emotional connection with the property, it often leads them to making an offer. Presenting the property in a way that the buyer can visualise living there is vital. Incorporating natural light and quality furniture will enhance the property and sale price.

Price Strategy – there’s a fine balance between achieving a price the vendors hope for and one that is in line with the current property market. Buyers will automatically eliminate the property from their inspection list if the advertised price is not right for the property, suburb or current market. It’s important to get the price right from day 1.