8 Expert Qualities To Adapt

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Good Real Estate Agents can be difficult to find. It’s a competitive industry, so how do you know which qualities to present to ensure you stand out from the crowd?

REAA has chosen 8 top qualities for you to stay one step ahead of the game.

1. Communicate
It’s frustrating for both buyers and sellers if you fail to communicate clearly. What seems like insignificant information to you, can be really important to your buyers and sellers, especially those new to the real estate game.

2. Be proactive
Be one step ahead of your clients. If they are calling you first, you’re not providing them with enough information. Being proactive will ensure your clients stay well informed.

3. Listen
Your clients should be doing most of the talking and making sure you understand their needs and requests. As an agent, your job is to ask the questions, not the other way around.

4. Be client motivated
Simply, put your client first. If your client gets a good deal, so do you – and your future client referrals will continue to deliver.

5. Adapt to your client’s needs
Suss out the client’s preferred method of communication and stick to it. It’ll make them feel like you’re listening, communicating and putting them first.

6. Meet your client’s time frame
Adapt your client’s time frame to your selling campaign. If they are in a rush to sell, then there’s no time to waste. However, if your client is still in the decision making process, maybe suggest the best time of year to sell for their property type. Whatever delivers the best result for your client (and you too).

7. Learn your client’s motivation
Is your client selling their property to upgrade? Are they selling an investment property? A client who is selling a family home rather than an investment property will have very different needs. A good agent will know the difference and adapt accordingly.

8. Be proud of your testimonials