Busting the Myths: 5 Misguided Beliefs About What It Takes to Make It in Real Estate Sales

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Most people know a real estate agent, have dealt with one, or have seen them on one of those glitzy reality shows. 

As a result, most people have an opinion about real estate agents and what they think it takes to be successful one. 

However, a lot of the time, this opinion is quite a long way from reality.

We have put together a list of the top 5 misconceptions about what it takes to be a salesperson and the Real Estate Industry in general.

This guide will help you get a better understanding of what it takes to be successful in Real Estate Sales and determine if it is the right path for you, 

1. It’s Not About the Real Estate

This is a big one! 

Yes, real estate salespeople sell properties, but that is not what it’s all about. 

Real Estate is about people. All real estate transactions involve humans, whether it’s a mum and dad with a family home or a property owned by a listed public company.

While knowledge of the property being sold is vital (and can be learned), the key to success is caring for people, having empathy, and solving problems.

2. You Don’t Have to Be a “Great Talker.”

Great real estate agents might sound like great talkers, but they are, in fact, great communicators. 

Being a great listener is the most important thing when dealing with people. 

Having empathy and being able to solve problems are also key. Having the gift of the gab isn’t enough!

3. It’s Not Only a Commission-Only Job.

While most top salespeople are paid a percentage of the commission on a sale and not a salary, there are other options. 

Many real estate businesses have entry-level positions with the security of a salary to get you started in your career. 

In fact, it is illegal to start new people in the industry with no experience on a commission-only basis.

4. Not All Agents Earn Six-Figure Incomes.

Real Estate sales is a long game, and you have to expect that the first twelve months can be extremely challenging. 

It is true that all top agents earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, and some even make millions. 

Though in reality, the first twelve months, for most people, is about building a strong foundation.

5. You Can’t Be Successful Doing It Part-Time.

When a lot of people search online for what it’s like to be an agent, they come across American content. 

Much of that talks about doing real estate sales part-time. 

In Australia, we have a different industry (the Americans could learn a lot from our professionalism!), and we are yet to see a successful agent who does it part-time. 

All the stars you see on American shows are full-time as well. 

To fast-track your success, you have to invest time and energy into the start of your career. 

The more you put in at the beginning, the quicker success will come.

Bonus Myth: I know we said 5 things, but here is a bonus busted myth.

6. You Don’t Have to Be a Flamboyant Extrovert.

Successful agents aren’t all over-the-top, out-there personalities. 

There are plenty of socially shy successes out there as well. 

One thing we will say is that you do need to be comfortable marketing yourself, branding, and positioning yourself, but if you do that in an authentic way, then that’s not such a challenge for anyone.

So, there you have it, myths busted.

At REAA, we have trained over 15,000 salespeople over the years and have had 30-plus years in the industry. 

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Real Estate sales is an amazingly rewarding career with uncapped income potential – but it is important you know as much about the realities as you can before getting started.

Becoming a Real Estate Agent may not be the path for you. If you’d like to be involved in the Industry from more of a Financial perspective, our Mortgage Broker Courses might be a better fit.