How to Apply for Mutual Recognition

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What can mutual recognition in the real estate industry give you? What mutual recognition can you apply for? Our industry leading trainers are commonly asked questions in regards to mutual recognition and with the real estate market growing in SEQ and Northern NSW, obtaining mutual recognition in both NSW and QLD can provide great opportunity for your sales and property management career.

If you hold a current Real Estate Registration Certificate or Licence in Queensland, you can apply for mutual recognition in the state of NSW.

This is particularly beneficial for those completing the QLD registration certificate in our Gold Coast training classroom, as they have ample opportunity to grow their rent roll across the border in both QLD and NSW.

To apply for mutual recognition, visit and download the mutual recognition application form. You will be required to pay your real estate registration fees in both states to have your real estate certificate recognised.

To find out the mutual recognition opportunities for other states and territories in Australia, visit