Real Estate Training Completion Rates Increase During Holiday Periods

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As one of the leading real estate training organisation in Queensland, Real Estate Academy Australia (REAA) see many students enter our training classrooms every Monday morning, excited and passionate begin their real estate careers.

Delivering a unique, blended design combining up to date learning and assessing techniques, our real estate training courses are delivered by industry leading trainers who are active selling houses and running property management companies. Their invaluable experience brings real life to our content and adds to students readiness to be successful.

There is a lot to cover to be successful in real estate today. Our courses cover essential real estate tasks; like property management, open home presentations and prospecting. All these tasks are based on detailed requirements from a variety of legislations: including the Property Occupations Act. Being better prepared for real estate careers means being educated across all this information and having the skills.

Absorbing all this information can be daunting. Putting this into action is sometimes not easy for new entrants to the industry. With our relevant experience and desire to continually improve the industry, REAA has high standards for the Assessment section of all our courses. Each student has access to our online learning platform that stores all content and makes it all instantly available anywhere, at anytime. Our leading edge, online Assessment platform gives students options to complete the assessments.

One of our most common questions is; “How long does it take you to finish all assessments?” It all depends on your timetable and commitments. With our online platform and access to assessors, each student has the opportunity to work at his or her own pace and time. Having trained over 5000 students since beginning, REAA recommends the following addition hours of study after class:

QLD Real Estate Registration Certificate Course, 25 – 30 hours

QLD Upgrade from Certificate to Full Licence Course, 35 – 40 hours

QLD Full Real Estate Licence Course, 50 – 55 hours

NSW Real Estate Registration Certificate Course, 10 – 15 hours

Assessments are begun in class so that students can learn how to navigate the system.

Our Head of Assessing, Brendon Walsh notices a definite increase of assessment completion rates over holiday periods.

“Between November and January, the number of students who completed and submitted their assessment modules online increased dramatically. The overall completion rate reached 88.68%, a very high standard for the real estate training industry” said Mr Walsh.

Although the REAA team will be out enjoying the sunshine over Easter, our assessing team will still be monitoring the submission of all assessments and the ticketing system on the online learning platform.

What better time to enrol into a real estate training course with REAA. In QLD, there are four public holidays within the next five weeks (Good Friday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day and Labor Day). Spend a few hours on your days off changing your career path and entering the real estate industry.