What Can Real Estate Offer You?

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The real estate industry is forever growing and changing. Our CEO Brendon Walsh believes that real estate offers you a dynamic and rewarding career. We believe what separates the real estate industry from others comes down to these three points; job opportunity, easy entry into the field and uncapped earning potential. If you are considering entering into the industry then this is for you!

Job Opportunity

Buying, selling and renting homes will forever be a key part of our society which is why there is always wealth of job opportunities in Real Estate. Currently the real estate industry is offering upwards of 30,000 jobs across the eastern seaboard and with dedication these jobs can be effortless to attain.

Easy Entry Into the Field

As we know real estate is an industry that has put the call out on recruiting committed and driven people. Unlike other professions, entering the real estate industry does not require lengthy degrees and is easy. Attaining your qualifications can take less than 12 months and getting into the field is so easy.

Uncapped Earning Potential

What separates real estate agents from other professions is the ability to earn money at an uncapped rate. Commissions are the life and blood of the real estate industry and offer a powerful incentive for anyone considering entering the field. Currently 35% of sales agents that work for medium to large real estate agencies are earning over of $150,000 per year in commission alone. While this may seem absurd, it is what makes real estate so appealing!

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