Can I Claim My Real Estate Training On Tax?

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It’s tax time, which means in the month of June you can professionally develop your real estate skills through Real Estate Academy Australia (REAA) FASTRACK training and get your money back in time for the next financial year – an offer too good to miss!

According to Individual Tax Returns, Real Estate employees can claim “Sales Techniques and Management Courses” under professional development warranting the courses undertaken are not run by a university or TAFE and are related to your current employment.

So which REAA sales and management courses are you eligible to claim back on tax?

Interested in Sales? Become a Sales Professional!
Enjoy a successful and rewarding career in real estate through REAA’s Real Estate Professional course. If you have gained your real estate registration certificate and are still looking for more in your real estate career, now is the time to advance.

REAA’s real estate professional course is a practical course which will help you make it in the real estate industry. During the two days of training, you will be armed with daily action plans, prospecting, listing tools, marketing, communication, and negotiation strategies, which are used by Australia’s highest performing agents. Although this training is separate from Nationally Recognised Training, it is endorsed and adopted by many leading agencies.

This course is designed to further your skills in real estate sales. If you have been putting your professional development off, now is the time to stop procrastinating and invest. Not only will you be able to claim your money back in tax, you will be more skillful and a step above your peers in the upcoming financial year.

Come out on top with REAA’s Senior Property Management Program.
The Senior Property Management Program is a one-day course with content designed to transition you into the best Property Manager you can be.
Launching on the Gold Coast this month, the Senior Property Management Program is split into four sessions:

  • Grow Your Rent Roll and Increase Returns
  • Manage Core Processes, Maintenance, Time, Documentation and Stakeholders
  • Manage Complaints, Disputes and Create Resolutions
  • Take Part in an Expert Q&A and leading Gold Coast Agency Principal, Rachel Ramsey.

Don’t forget, on completion of the Senior Property Management Program you will receive a certificate indicating your competency. This means you can showcase your new property management skills to your principal and have the opportunity to upgrade your job title.

Again, this training program is separate from Nationally Recognised Training, however it is endorsed and adopted by many leading agencies helping property managers succeed into a principal role.

As a Real Estate Agent, what else can you claim on tax?

  • Work Tools and Equipment
  • Memberships, Subscriptions, Books, Telephone, Internet
  • General Expenses
  • Work Clothing
  • Short Course Training; First Aid and WH&S