The Effects Of Augmented Reality In Real Estate

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We have already seen the rapid development of Augmented Reality (AR) in recent years with Pokémon Go going viral and Android phones being sold with their own Virtual Reality (VR) headsets.

While this is great for the development of digital technology in general, it will soon become a commercially viable option and a critical part of real estate marketing.

Some real estate agencies already use 3D tours to allow potential buyers 24-hour access to a listed property. This is the direction we are already heading toward providing a truly immersive property inspection to potential buyers meanwhile increasing interaction with your listing.

A step further would be to provide users with the technology to see their surrounding world and include an extra layer of interactive information.

Real estate is all about location and appearances and already concepts are appearing that allow users to access the property data of their current location.

While these concepts are immediately applicable to commercial real estate in the CBD or capital cities where users can walk through the streets and be able to access key information, amenities, tenant industries and vacancies about properties physically around them. I am excited to see how this tech can be used in residential real estate.