Which Season Is Best To Sell A Listing?

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There’s some general rules about when is the best time of year to sell. It obviously depends on the location and property type but knowing what time of year is best to list your vendor’s property will help you achieve a better result.

By the beach? Summer.
It makes sense to sell a beachside home when you have a never-ending stream of potential buyers on your doorstep for months on end.

Selling a family home? Avoid the holidays.
Ensure you list family properties when local families are in the area to inspect them. Specifically, in capital cities, families tend to escape to the coast or hinterland during school holidays. Try selling family homes during the middle of the school year when families are active in their local communities.

Outstanding garden? Autumn or Spring.
Successful sale campaigns often incorporate the property’s best features rather than the property itself. So, for properties start with an outstanding garden, autumn and spring is best so you can use the garden as a selling point.

North-facing? Follow the sun.
Properties that have a north orientation can be better presented in the cooler months, when the sun is lower and acts as a heating tool for the property.