How To Increase Rent Profit

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Getting the maximum return on investment (ROI) for rental properties is the best way to obtain repeat and referred business. Understanding what can bring a maximum ROI can be the selling point that a Real Estate Agent needs to convince a buyer.

The top trends that can improve profitability include;

Houses do better than apartments
With the current oversupply of apartments, houses are highly desired by renters (therefore investors) as it provides added privacy, flexibility with pets and freedom to make the residence their own

Some homeowners are looking to save money by renting their properties while renting themselves. This allows them to maintain investments and live a more flexible lifestyle.

‘Hot’ Tenants
Why not suggest to your investors and homeowners to request hot tenants? These are tenants already pre-approved, have indicated what kind of property they are looking for and are perfect for a quick move-in process. This can save on both advertising costs and time.

More and more tenants are looking for long-term This can guarantee monthly rent and protection for the landlord. Lastly, leasers can calculate their return on investment over the period which often has a higher and stable return.