You’re Qualified To Work In Real Estate, Now What?

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Being a new real estate agent is tough, at times overwhelming, but very rewarding. Although having a strong interest in real estate is great, it’s not enough in the fast-paced and complex real estate industry. Quality real estate training, a dedicated role model and in-depth knowledge of the real estate market is key when becoming successful.

Once you have been through the proper avenues of education and gain your real estate registration certificate, you will need to start to think, “what makes the best real estate agent?” Is it who you know, or what you know? Or is it market knowledge and your attitude when dealing with clients?

Brendon Walsh, CEO of REAA and NREL observes more than 300 students a month enrol, complete an online or in-classroom real estate training course. Over 75% of these students become competent and start working as a real estate sales person almost immediately.

“Being a new real estate agent is the first challenging step, but we see more people succeed as a real estate sales person compared to those who do not use their qualification or choose another career path” said Mr. Allen.

“Those who become qualified and choose to work as a real estate sales person often look around and ask “now what?”. I believe the best place to start is with attitude. Getting into the real estate industry with an overwhelming want to become successful. That combined with a positive attitude will make you one of the best real estate agents in Australia.

“To answer the “now what?” question so many people tend to ask, my advice would be to talk to the right people, find someone that you can learn from and stick with them. Let this person introduce you to other leaders, clients and business contacts. These leaders, clients and business contacts are now people you know. Keep in contact with them and your opportunities will grow.

“Most importantly – be yourself. Have a good attitude and make your clients happy. You are now qualified to sell someone their dream home, so that’s pretty cool” said Mr Allen.

Local Agent Finder suggests there are the specific professional qualities, which as a real estate sales person, you can adapt and portray to your clients when you are assisting to sell, buy or invest in their dream home.


Experience is a quality that takes time to gain, and being a new real estate agent it may mean your experience is limited. Be honest with your clients, allow yourself to sounds promising by delivering this type of information:

  • Your current real estate professional licence/qualification
  • Your sales volume since beginning work with your current real estate employer
  • How many clients you are currently working with

Greater experience does not always equate to greater knowledge. With in-depth market knowledge, you can put together a strategy to collect the highest possible price for your client.

Skill Level and Education:

As a qualified real estate sales person, talk about what you found interesting and thoroughly understood in your real estate training. Do you plan to Upgrade from your Certificate to Full Licence course? Have you undertaken any leadership development programs, extra sales or property management training?

Your clients are interested in you, so tell them what you enjoy doing. This could include administrative duties such as contracts, or the more technical side of the real estate industry such as inspections, title deeds, and valuations.

Market Knowledge:

Ensure the client knows you specialise in this geographical area of their house sale. Ensure you have first hand knowledge of the parks, school, shops, and other amenities around. Find out your buyer is interested in and let them know what is nearby.

Honest and Integrity:

Don’t answer yes to everything. Be honest. Most clients want to hear the outcome to all situations, for example, if the house does not sell, how much are you going to charge? How often will you be touching base throughout the sale process with up-to-date, in-depth market knowledge? Honesty and service are the two most important ingredients when working towards how to be a good real estate agent.

Resources and Contacts:

The benefit of being newly qualified as a real estate sales person is that you have the most recent knowledge of legislation, current acts and recent case studies. Use this to your advantage when finalising contacts and negotiating with buyers.

Attention to Detail:

Practice makes perfect, so when you’re new to signing contracts, and finalising sales makes sure you pay extra attention to the finer details. The more times you do it and do it correctly, the easier and better you’ll become at it.

How to become a successful real estate is common question with more than one realistic answer. It doesn’t just stop at the qualification you need to be a real estate sales person. Attitude, knowledge, business contacts and most of all the professional and personal attributes equally contribute to the success of your real estate career. REAA wish you all the best in being a new real estate agent. When you’re ready to take the next step as a real estate sales person and Upgrade from your Certificate to Full Licence Course, visit us via