Why I Decided To Work In The Real Estate Industry…

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As a high school graduate, I decided to go to university to gain qualifications to put me on the path to have a successful and well-remunerated career. I studied for 4 years and walked away with a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and got a Government job not long after. I entered the workforce with a positive, hardworking attitude but was soon disappointed to learn that my earing potential would be capped regardless of the many hours that I had to put in overtime. Even climbing the ladder to success in a team leader role did not allow my income to be a reflection of my efforts or results.

I remember thinking to myself, there has to be a better opportunity out there for me, one that suits my ability to lead and reward me for the hard work that I was willing to put in and succeed.

My search for a more rewarding career led me to discover plenty of employment opportunities within the real estate industry and to my excitement; I didn’t even need a 4-year degree or previous experience to get a job. All I needed was a Certificate of Registration, which I could gain after sitting a 2-day course and becoming competent in 7 modules with REAA.

So as easy was that, I threw what I thought was my dream career and within a matter of weeks I was working in the real estate industry. It wasn’t long until my results were reflected in not only my income, but also my attitude towards work.

It didn’t feel like work. I was helping people buy, sell or invest in their DREAM properties. Yes, I got rejected a bit at the first; it took me a while to get used to prospecting. But I listened closely to my mentor, kept at it and soon I was listing over 15 properties a month.

If you are more interested in the high paychecks in real estate, I can confidently say that I believe you can earn $100,000 in the next 12 months. How can I be so sure? Because it is all up to YOU! YOU put in the effort, YOU recap the results and YOU will be paid accordingly. YOU can set your target for how many properties you would like to list and sell and the income that YOU want to achieve, YOU can.

So what are you waiting for? Start with getting qualified with REAA. The Real Estate Registration Certificate is a 2-Day course, and you need this qualification to work in real estate as a real estate sale person or property manager.

For more information on the Real Estate Registration Course, click here.

Good Luck. Real Estate can change your life – for the better.

Written by Ramona Jedrzejewski