6 Lessons You Don’t Learn In Real Estate Training

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I always look to understand and can be one of those annoying types at BBQs. Over the Christmas break, I sought some input into the question: “What Didn’t You Learn During Your Real Estate Training?”. I was lucky enough to talk to over 30 people currently working in the real estate industry in three states (Christmas was full of lots of cheer) and in a range of roles. Here are the Top 6 answers people answered to “What Didn’t You Learn During Your Real Estate Training?”:

1. How to use technology to achieve goals and make life easier. There are tons of tools out there to help. Understanding what they are and using them in a disciplined way is not only efficient but generates sale leads.

2. Regulations and paperwork requirements. These are different in every state but there are things that can and can’t be done. And, one successful agent said that they had to understand that real estate is not a retail transaction… it is the biggest transaction of some peoples life.

3. Being resilient aka dealing with rejection and failure. Prospecting is tough but keep at it; the feeling you get from your first listing is incredible.

4. Don’t get burnt out and acquire business skills. Have a plan with goals and effectively manage your time. Take each day slowly, take small steps and you will achieve the big goal.

5. Find the best mentor/coach to learn from. Shadow them; be curious in understanding what they look for and how they make decisions in every situation. And don’t be afraid to have more than one mentor/coach.

6. Develop excellent negotiation skills but also be really good at listening, empathy and “all that EQ stuff”.

To support this, the REAA and NREL now cover these topics in every real estate training course we deliver. We want to continue to understand what it takes to be successful in the industry; provide these skills in our training, which will drive and contribute towards your success…

To find out which technology tools support your leads, what you can and can’t do in your states legislation, and how to take the small steps to achieve a big goal, ENROL online with REAA (classroom based training) or NREL (100% online training) today.

Written by CEO of REAA and NREL, Brendon Walsh