Enhance a Property Profile with a Drone

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Agents and vendors are turning to emerging technology in video, 3D imagery and in particular drone technology to show perspective buyers properties from a whole different angle.

Not only does it give a better overview of the listed property, but the surrounding area. A drone aerial shot can help the buyer visually interpret the size of the block and the its proximity to parks, schools and nearby shops.

Highlighting the best aspect of the home is just the beginning. Adding aerial video to your sales approach will drive engagement, attract attention and allow the property to sell itself.

Things to remember:

  • Ensure the drone operator is property licence by the relevant authorities
  • Inform the neighbours of the listed property that you will be filming
  • Decide on what aspects of the property/local area you want to focus on before you start filming
  • Consider visual obstructions such as trees, power lines or anything hindering a clear view

“A picture tells a thousand words, but an aerial shot tells so much more” – Hamish Rogers of Hamish Rogers Realty.