Engage Your Local Audience

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Do you want to engage potential sellers, buyers and investors in your area? Think about what you may share with them on a daily basis – grocery isles, an unspoken love for your local barrister, your child’s class, or the same running route.

The sellers, buyers and investors in your real estate area – YOUR CLIENTS can relate to you via your shared everyday tasks. Why not share your everyday tasks with them? Post your local movements on social media and engage your clients. Take a picture with your local barrister; talk about how great the coffee is. You can even ask the barrister to share it too!

Things to consider when posting and engaging your local community:

  • Use hash tags
  • Tell a story
  • Photo caption contest
  • Respond to negative feedback

Brad Sissions from Coronis Realty is a great example of an engaging Facebook page. Take a look here.