Real Estate Course

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Real estate is one profession with vast employment opportunities that also comes with the flexibility and independence for you to take control of your career and truly grow it into something more than just a job.

While there are many challenges in real estate, you’ll also be able to reap its rewards. You can make your own decisions and be accountable for your own professional development in a role you’ve made for yourself. In the long term, you may even choose to turn your real estate position into your own real estate business.

If you want independence within a fast paced role, love meeting new, diverse people and have excellent interpersonal skills that comes with key sales techniques, you should consider building your career in real estate. Because all of these qualities and skills are gained over time, it also means that it’s never too late to consider starting in real estate with a real estate course. Regardless of your past experience, it’s likely that the previous proficiencies you’ve gained will be well utilised in your real estate career.

How do I Become a Real Estate Agent?

Pursuing a career in real estate, unlike other most other industries, doesn’t require a university degree. All that’s required is a 2-day real estate course. Once you complete the real estate course, you will then be able to obtain a real estate certificate of registration. To pass you must show that you understand key information about the legislative requirements to work as a registered real estate agent or property manager.

Are there Real Estate Schools?

Real Estate Academy Australia ( is a leading Australian real estate training company that provides nationally recognised courses that are Office of Fair Trading compliant, and registered training organisations (RTO).

The REAA offers both teacher guided classes and online courses.

What Real Estate Course should I take?

REAA trained students are regarded as the most sought after in the country after completing their Real Estate Course. Join Australia’s real estate elite with an education from the REAA to obtain a certificate of registration. If you want to run your own real estate agency, you will need a full real estate agent license.

The courses features:

  • Easy to understand content
  • Self-paced
  • Open book assessments
  • No exams
  • Free multiple assessment attempts