Achieving Success Everyday – Tip 5

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Tip 5: Building Relationships

When you meet a potential client, what do you do with the information you have gathered? Do you put them into your database to receive alerts? Add the key contacts to your buyer and seller hit lists? Take note of their key goals, hopes and dreams?

Well hopefully you are doing all three and more, but then what? How do you take the next step and progress the relationship to be their trusted advisor?

If you are finding a customer is wanting to take the next step; attending open homes, second inspections, making offers, bids – any of these actions, you need to book an appointment. This is where you will start building their trust.

It’s important to have this appointment, after all, when you are face to face that’s when you’re at your best and your influence makes actions happen.

While targeting them to win the listing, focus on building that relationship. Repeat for any of potential buyers, one will surely come out on top. As for the others, keep hold of their details and the reasons why they were interested in that listing. Once another similar listing appears, send them a VIP invite and continue working on helping them achieve their dreams.