Achieving Success Everyday – Tip 1

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Tip 1: How to avoid wasting your time

Everyday we want to leave work knowing it wasn’t a complete waste of time, I don’t need to explain why sitting there, twiddling your thumbs isn’t going to help. Which is why having a routine and to-do list to accomplish every day is instrumental to success.

Routine: Work in 45-minute sessions in everything you do. Our day is always going to be filled with distractions, but being 100% focused for blocks of time will skyrocket your efficiency.

To-Do List: The issue with most people’s to-do list is it’s an A4 page long. Be realistic about what you can do in a day, most realistic to-do lists can fill a sticky note. If you complete it too quickly, use this extra time to either reconnect with your network, organise your area or figure out ways to optimise your process to make your job easier in the future.