Business Marketing Basics – Tip 5

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Welcome to the final tip of this series. It is the simplest tip, but it’s easily the most important.

Tip 5: Correct Grammar and Punctuation

As a result of the growth of social media and digital communication, we now primarily communicate via written messages. Which now means there is an increased need for proficient writing skills to attract and keep readers.

Not only this but using proper grammar and punctuation is important as it reflects on the writer and the business he/she is representing. You want to make sure you come across as a professional, and any new reader needs to have a good first impression of you.

As for return readers, they are more likely to trust some who continually communicates clearly and correctly. You don’t want to create confusion and leave your audience guessing what you are trying to say due to grammatical mistakes.

It’s the difference between “Let’s eat grandma!” and “Let’s eat, grandma!”. Punctuation saves lives!