Weird Ways To Sell A Home: Snapchat

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As technology develops, Real Estate Agents are starting to test everyday tools to sell their listed properties quickly for their clients. Believe it or not, Zed Nasheet, a Victorian specialist from LJ Hooker has sold a property using nothing but the social media app Snapchat.

Insane right? It was a standard three-bedroom, one bathroom home with a large backyard and an opportunity to subdivide listed for $550,000.

All he did was a Snapchat video of the property and said it was just listed. 15 minutes later he had a potential buyer.

Compared to his usual Snapchat videos, that get on average 600-700 views, this one had about 50. But the buyer asked about land size and when he could see the property over Snapchat messenger.

Next thing the buyer had put down a $2,000 deposit.

The idea behind using Snapchat is it depicts an almost personal digital tour of the property. You should still do a professional tour for your listing, but this way potential buyers can see you, your personality and the home through a clear, unedited and unfiltered lens.